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Transatlantic Super-Region

What is Teams ?

A 'team' is a group of 4 to 7 Christian married couples who meet, together with a chaplain, on a monthly basis for a shared meal, prayer, discussion and mutual support.

The Transatlantic Super Region covers the English-speaking parts of Africa, Europe and the Caribbean and currently supports teams in Great Britain, Ireland, Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa, Malawi and Zambia. New teams are currently piloting in Ghana.

Teams is International

Teams are grouped into 4 Zones

The Americas (blue)                               Eurasia (Red)

Central Europe (Orange)                        Euroafrica (Green)

Equipes Notre-Dame is organised into 12 super-regions split across the four zones.

Eurasia (Red)

Oceania Super Region (Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines)

Transatlantic Super Region (Ireland, Malawi, South Africa, Trinidad, United Kingdom, Ghana and Zambia)

and the Region of India

The Americas (Blue)

Brazil Super Region

Hispanic America Super Region

USA Super Region

and the Region of Canada

EuroAfrica (Green)

Italy Super Region

Portugal Super Region

Spain Super Region

Francophone Africa Super Region

Central Europe (Orange)

Belgium Super Region

France-Luxembourg-Switzerland Super Region

Poland Super-region, covering other Eastern European Countries, such as Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine

and the Regions of Germany, Mauritius,Lebanon and Syria

Teams is International